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SEO Integrated Design

SEO Integrated Design

Websites That Google Love Too!

When we build a website, it is designed from the start with SEO in mind. Websites without traffic are like a shop alone on a mountain.
We want your ideal customers to be able to find you, so we complete complex keyword research and integrate the results into your site design before the build process even starts!

Website Maintenance Package

We'll Keep Your Site & Data Safe

When we hand over your amazing new website, our work is not done. We want to ensure your site is secure and you're able to do business confidently, knowing your website and customer data is safe from hackers and anything else that might cause you an issue.

Every website we create comes with an annual maintenance package that includes: Monthly Backup, Premium security coverage, Monthly Add-on updates & Discounted licenses to the premium page builder software, so you can easily update and modify pages.

Elementor & Crocobloc

Market Leading Software

Your website will be build with market leading software to ensure you can take advantage of all the latest web technology.
We'll also leave you with video guides on how you can use this user friendly software to make simple changes to your site so you don't have to constantly pay a developer for simple changes.

Our 5 Step Web Design Process

Let us work our magic on your website. Every business should have a home on the internet that they are really proud of! We have a collaborative 5 step process that ensures you’re involved with the design and development throughout the process. 

Free Website Audit

It all starts with the FREE Audit

Free Website Audit

Our Web Design process starts with the FREE Website Audit. We value this audit at £295 but want any of our potential customers to be well aware of what their website does well, and what can be improved before we even begin to work our website magic!


Keyword Clarity

"If you don't know where you're going, any bus will get you there!"

Keyword Clarity

When we're building a website that Google is going to love, we need to be really clear about your keywords.
That means you need to know what your customers are going to type into Google when they're looking for your service.
We will help you get crystal clear about your keywords by using our market leading keyword research tools & process.
Every key page on the site needs keywords that are customer focused, so that the site is easy to find through search engines.
Once we're clear on your keywords it makes quality content creation much easier because you know exactly what your customers are searching for on the internet!

Build & Create

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Build & Create

This is where we start to work the real digital magic! We've got your keywords, branding and we know your happy with the mock-up's we've created - now it's time to bring this baby to life!
We use the best page builders and tools (Elementor & Crocoblocs) to ensure that your site is exactly what you've been dreaming of!
The site will lack content and most images at this stage. but you should already be able to see your site taking shape!
Once this build is complete you'll get another chance to review everything to make sure you're happy with what we've created for you.

Technical Foundations

"You wouldn't build a house on sand.
Solid foundations are the key to a successful build!"

Technical Foundations

Once you've agreed to work with Digital Magic Solutions for your Web Design project, step one is to get the technical foundations in order.
That means we need to arrange a hosting provider or get access to your existing service.
We'll also need to talk about domain names - do you need one, or should we migrate an existing one, or just re-point it to the new website?

Design Planning

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

Design Planning

To create a website that looks professional we need to be really clear about your branding. If you already know your colours and fonts that is great, but if you don't we'll help you through this process.
Next we want to find out what you love about websites. We'll find sites and features you love whilst identifying some things you don't like or want to avoid. This will ensure your new site is exactly what you've been imagining.
To close this phase we'll create some mockup designs for you to get an idea of what we're thinking of creating, we want your feedback before any of the real heavy lifting starts to take place.

Populate & Educate

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Populate & Educate

In this final part of the production process we'll start to populate the site with the content and images for your website.
Next, we'll complete a thorough quality control process to ensure the site is working as intended.
The site is taking its final form and we are almost ready to go live (with your permission!)
The reason this final phase is also called 'Educate' is because we'll record training videos for you to explain exactly how to log into the backend of the website, and how to complete basic functions like: creating a post, editing text on a page or changing an image.
We've created your site with tools that make small changes like this really simple, so you're empowered to maintain your own site.

More things that come with our websites

Our websites come with...

Backup Service

All our websites come with a monthly backup service to give you peace of mind that your new online home is safe.

Premium License's

We build your site with cutting edge premium software and provide you with licences as part of our fee.

Premium Security

All our websites are covered by a premium security addon which will keep your site and customer data safe from hackers.

Fast Site Speed

You'll be provided with premium software that will optimise images and code to make your pages load lightning fast.

Add-on Updates

We'll keep your site up to date to ensure that you dont have to worry about vulnerabilities from out of date software.

Custom Designs

We wont just provide you with a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf package. We want to make each website unique and impactful!

We Love WebsitesAnd we want to care for them after we hand them over !

Website Maintenance & Security Package

When we hand over your amazing new website, our work is not done. We want to ensure your site is secure and you are able to do business confidently, knowing your website and customer data is safe from hackers and anything else that might cause you an issue.
Every website we create comes with an annual maintenance package that includes:
Monthly Backup - This will ensure your site is safe, and no matter what happens we can always restore it.
Premium security coverage - We provide a paid security addon which will give you the peace of mind that we're keeping hackers and malicious code out of your website and protecting your customer data.
Monthly Add-on updates - we'll ensure all the software used to create your site is kept up to date. This will ensure there are no vulnerabilities available for hackers to exploit.
Discounted licenses to the premium software that we use to build your website and create its top of the range features.

Advanced Website Care Package

For a small additional fee, we will upgrade you to our comprehensive care and security package that will give you complete peace of mind that your website is safe and working.
We will install a 24/7 uptime monitor on your website that will notify us the second your website is offline for whatever reason, enabling us to start investigating the issue and working towards getting your site back online straight away.
We'll also add a 'Link Monitor' to your site. Every day a robot will crawl your site to check for broken links that could affect your SEO. This means you can create content with links or add new items to your store in full confidence that if you make a mistake our robot will catch the error straight away.
We will run quarterly audits of your website and your SEO performance so you know what's working well and what you can do to improve your website, and search engine rankings.
We'll send you a monthly report which shows:
- Advanced performance analysis including improvement suggestions to keep your site at maximum health.
- Website traffic breakdown detailing how your traffic has changed compared to the previous month.
- Updated add-on breakdown with completion dates.
When backups were run on your website, and where they are stored.
- Where any broken links may be and when they were fixed.
- How your website uptime report.

As well as providing this monthly report, you have the option of increase your automatic backup frequency to weekly, or even daily! We strongly recommend a high backup frequency for customers who create a lot of content, or for e-commerce stores and businesses whose website is absolutely essential to their success.

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