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If you’ve got a website that you’re proud of, the next step is to ensure it’s seen by your ideal customer. Whether you want a paid strategy, organic strategy, or a combination of them both – we’ve got the Traffic Magic to get the right people visiting your website! 

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Improve Profit Margins
Reduce The Cost Of Customer Acquisition
Whether you're going with an Organic SEO Campaign or a more direct PPC approach, the less you spend to acquire each customer - the more profit you can make. We'll fine tune your online marketing to drive down your cost per lead.

Search Engine Optimisation

Show Up On Google Search Results

If you're not showing up on the first page of Google, your website might as well be invisible. We'll help you get your site on the front page of Google for keywords your customers are actually searching for. We'll deploy market leading tools to ensure you're targeting the right Keywords to find your ideal customer.
SEO Integrated Design

Pay per Click Marketing

Target Your Ideal Customer

Does your PPC seem to cost more each month and deliver less traffic? If your PPC campaign was not setup by a professional, it's likely that you're spending too much for your leads. Let our team refine your campaigns and laser focus your targeting so you know you're getting the most out of your ad spend.

Organic Traffic

Get more visitors without paying for them!

Organic Strategies

Getting free traffic to your website

Search Engine Optimisation and Social media strategies can drive free traffic to your website. By improving your rankings in Google search results you can dramatically reduce your cost of customer acquisition. You'll receive a custom built organic strategy to put a rocket under you search rankings.

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Paid Traffic

Use Pay per Click marketing to find the right visitors

Paid Traffic

Pay per Click marketing can get expensive, especially if you just allow Google to use its AI to spend your money how it wants! You'll receive a laser focused campaign that only shows adverts to your ideal customers, bringing in exactly the sort of leads your business needs!

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Organic Traffic Strategies

Search Engine Optimisation

We perform quality keyword research so you know which search terms to target online. Next we perform on page optimisation to improve you're website's ability to rank for the keywords that your ideal customer is searching online.

Link Building

Links to your websites content count as 'Votes' for your sites authority. The more votes, and the better the source the more likely you are to rank highly for a search term. We will build a quality backlink profile for your site, from the right sources that will boost your search rankings.

Content Creation

There are no 'Hacks' to SEO anymore, Google rewards quality content above everything else. We can create content that is keyword focused and provides real value to your customers whilst improving your sites search results by generating clicks and backlinks.

GMB Optimisation

The quality of your 'Google My Business' is pivotal in your local SEO. We can ensure your listing is perfect and keeps driving warm local traffic to your website like an sales employee that never sleeps!

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Google PPC

We will create campaigns that target keywords and demographics that are highly tuned to your ideal customers. Google is very good ad spending your advertising budget, we will ensure they spend it showing your adverts to exactly the right sort of people.

Bing PPC

Bing PPC works exactly like Google, and Microsoft are just as good at spending your advertising budget fast! Bing gives you access to a completely different sort of user, often older and more affluent.

YouTube Marketing

Your ideal customer is spending more and more time each year watching videos online. Using our advanced targeting, Get your advert shown before and during the exact videos your customers are watching!

Facebook Adverts

Its safe to say that your ideal customer is on Facebook! Facebook adverts are a great way to get your message in the hands of your customers. Our advanced targeting will ensure you don't waste your marketing budget with a spray and pray approach.

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