Top Tips for SEO in 2021

Top Tips for SEO in 2021

Things you can do yourself to improve your website SEO this year


So you understand what SEO is, and how important it is for your business. But what should you actually be doing to start improving the Google search rankings of your website? First, you should remember the golden rule of SEO: “Content is King”,  start producing high-value content and make sure your ideal customer can find it, so Google knows that it is valuable. Below are some tips that will help you improve your content and ultimately your SEO in 2021.


Publish Research Content

If you can generate any sort of original research or a report about your market or area of expertise, you should dedicate some resources to doing this as often as possible. Research content is an excellent way of generating backlinks to your site, other content creators are always looking for research to reference and comment on for their own sites. Another idea for this sort of content might be Survey that you do of your industry or your customers to generate interesting facts and figures that people might want to reference. The more interesting the better!

Write for humans first

Write for humans first and search engines second should be something that you always bear in mind when creating content for your site. The Google algorithm is always getting smarter and it is consuming an unimaginable amount of content each day. This means there is no magic bullet or quick fix or hack to make your content stand out, so don’t bother trying! Write your content for your customers, make it useful for them whilst being something they will enjoy consuming. Answer their questions and solve their problems, the longer a user is on your page the better and Google is monitoring this!

Create Visual Content

Everyone loves an infographic! If you can represent the facts and figures you generate from your independent research then this will be an amazing way of generating backlinks to your site. You could also make infographics of other people’s research as long as you reference it properly on the image, you’ll find that people still link back to your image rather than the original research in a lot of cases! The images you create don’t necessarily have to be about the research or facts, they could show your best practice processes or a simple way of expressing a complex concept. They say a picture says a thousand words, and if you create an image that saves someone writing out a thousand word’s they’ll happily link to your site and use the image!

Build backlinks as a podcast guest

Everyone seems to be launching a podcast in 2021, podcasts are a great way of growing your audience and establishing authority. However, it can be a lot of administrative work and if you don’t fancy taking on the extra responsibilities you should at least benefit from the new trend! With a rise in the number of podcasts comes an increased need for podcast guests! Put yourself out there as an expert in your field and offer to speak on other people’s podcasts. The price of your appearance should always be at a minimum a backlink to your website in their show notes online! But it is also a great opportunity to offer your lead magnet to a new audience, finding you a new source of leads for the top of your funnel!

Create Content Hubs

A content hub is a page on your site that links to multiple articles around the same subject. You’re making it easier for your users to find everything they might want to know about a subject all in one place. Often all these articles will be interlinked to create a way for you users to answer all their questions around a subject without leaving your website. Keeping your visitors on your site as long as possible is a great way of improving your ranking because Google is measuring user dwell time on your site. Users love to find rabbit holes to go down with their research, so if you can keep them on your site as long as possible by providing logically ordered or related articles it will be recognised by Google. interlinked Additionally, a hub page with all the answers a user might look for on a subject will create an ideal target for backlinks when people want to reference a subject. It’s also an ideal page for you to use in your outreach to other content creators. It’s not a ‘money page’ just a collection of good information for users.

Make Press Releases

The press both local and national is always looking for news and things to write about. If you’ve done anything remotely newsworthy – let the press know about it! Often these press releases will generate nothing for you, but when they do you will get very high authority backlinks that will carry a lot of weight in your Google rankings. Additionally, these sorts of quality references for your company are excellent for brand visibility. There are lots of tips online for creating quality press releases, but the most important thing is to ensure your first 250 words are as optimised as possible ensuring that your key message is conveyed and that you engage a reader to keep them interested.


If you implement these tips into your SEO strategy for 2021 and beyond you’ll see an increased number of backlinks to your site which will increase your website’s authority and as a result your rankings in Google for the keywords that matter to your business.

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