Top 5 reasons SEO is an amazing investment

SEO is often considered to be an expensive marketing activity, however in a lot of cases it can be the best investment of an organisations marketing budget. There are a lot of hidden benefits to a well executed SEO campaign, often saving you money in other area of the business and generating traffic, leads and customers over the long term. 

  1. SEO will Bring in more customer organically
    The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring in more customers organically, and around 54% of all web traffic arrives on sites through organic listings. Additionally a hubspot survey found that 60% of marketers felt that their highest quality leads came through organic traffic which had searched ‘buying intent keywords’. These high value keywords are easily targeted in a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. So, well targeted SEO traffic will increase your conversion rates and reduce your cost of sale making you more profitable.
  2. Increase authority and brand awareness
    Being on the front page of Google search results requires you to build authority online. Consumers are more likely to trust sites that Google ranks highly because they trust Google to bring them the solutions to their problems. Being more visible in search results will also improve brand awareness by increasing the number of touchpoints potential customers have with your brand. Businesses normally have to pay for this increased awareness through traditional marketing channels or long term social media campaigns, improved search positioning provides this benefit.
  3. SEO Will Save on advertising Spend
    Organic traffic for your website by definition is not paid for. If you previously used PPC marketing to drive traffic to your site, any increase in well targeted warm organic traffic will reduce or entirely remove your need for paid marketing channels. PPC gets more expensive every year so diversifying your marketing strategy is a sensible strategy for the long term. PPC is customers on demand and paid for, SEO will provide organic traffic over the long term after the initial investment. 
  4. Return On Investment
    Well executed SEO Work has been proven time and again to provide an excellent ROI in the long term. SEO should never be seen as a ‘quick fix’ solution, but should always be a consideration for any modern business operating online. The cost for SEO is often front loaded and can seem expensive on a monthly contract, however the results a good campaign can generate after 3 – 6 months are significant. If a customer has a lifetime value of £3,000 for example, you don’t need to bring in many organic customers before a £1,000 a month SEO package starts to pay for itself and a lot more.
  5. Rank for ‘money keywords’
    Good SEO work will target your ideal customer online as they are at a stage in their ‘Buyers journey’ where there are ready to make a purchase. Optimising for buying intent keywords is a great way of generating warm traffic for your site. The customer is searching for the right supplier for the goods or service they are about to buy, and your business is top of the list when they are get their search results. By targetting and attracting this sort of warm traffic you will significantly increase the conversion rate of your website.

These are just 5 reasons why you should consider SEO to be an important part of your business’s marketing budget, it really is the gift that keeps on giving to your business. SEO work compounds over time and only gets better the more work you do, unlike PPC which will give you instant results but nothing that lasts long term.

If you would like to start a new SEO Campaign for your website. Start by Auditing what you’re already doing to find out what your next action should be. We offer a free SEO audit, just click the link and we will have a deep dive onto your website and let you know what you need to do or improve to start generating more organic traffic.

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