Power SEO Project

6 Month Intensive Program

Search Traffic Growth POWER SEO

Increased Organic Traffic

Organic search traffic is the most valuable sort of visitor to your website. They're already warm and searching for the product or service you're providing before being directed to your site by the search engine. All you have to do is convert them into a customer! More high value warm organic traffic will result in more leads and customers for your business - Fact.

Done for you SEO Strategy

Done for you SEO Strategy

We are going to do all the hard work on this project so you don't have to. We'll ask some preliminary questions and get linked up to your web hosting server and analytics etc. but after that we'll do what we do best - Get you more high quality website traffic without paying per click. Leaving you to run your business and convert all the new leads that are streaming in!

Long Term organic growth strategy SEO

Setup for Long term Results

Unlike pay-per-click marketing, SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. This project will last for 6 months but the work that we do in that time will continue to drive warm organic traffic to your website for years to come. We believe this is the best way a company can spend their marketing budget with a massive ROI over the medium to long term.

If you want to supercharge your search rankings with this 6 month Power SEO project, or you just have more questions about this work. Please book a call with me using the button below, I’m always happy to help in any way I can. 


Monthly Link Building Campaign

We will grow your backlink profile with links from medium to high domain authority sites with useful anchor text. Each month we're going to create a minimum of 12 links from 6 sites by posting relevant blog content and other information around the web that points back to your website. This is exactly the sort of content Google is looking for to 'Vote' for your site's domain authority on your chosen keywords.

Setup Positive Google Review Generation Campaign

With our market leading software we will give you the ability to ask your customers to rate your service 1-10 on a simple to use star system (via email or text message). The customers that reply with a positive rating will be directed to Google to leave their full review. This will quickly build up a selection of quality positive reviews for you on Google maps which is ranking factor, and looks great when potential clients search for you!

Monthly Profile and Social Account Building

Every month we will create at least 3 accounts on selected high quality websites (like trip advisor) that will allow a website address as part of the profile details. By using these accounts to post we will create more backlinks to your website. A decent volume of these shows Google your site is indeed genuine and people are referring to it.

Monthly Blog Article Writing

Every month we will create keyword optimised content for your website's blog or article area. These articles will be at least 500 words long and will be designed to boost your rankings for our important keywords. This content can be used by you as a base for a larger article, shared on social media, or via email. More importantly it's one less piece of content you need to worry about creating each month!

Website On-page Code Optimisation

Google looks to your website's code to understand what is is about and what it is trying to achieve. You might have the prettiest website in the world, but if the underlying code is not configured correctly it will never rank well in the Google search results. We will upgrade the underlying code on the 4 most important pages on your website to ensure it is optimised for Googles robots!

In depth SEO & Keyword 360 Market Report

We will use our advanced software tool to go deep on your niche online! We want to know everything about your marketplace and competition online. Once our research is complete we will compile it into a report that is easy for you to understand, giving you deep knowledge of your online marketplace and competition.

High Quality Citation Link Building

We will get your name/address/phone number and website details uploaded to the 30 most important online business directories. These citations are essential to improving your Google map search results. We will find 30 site's you are not already listed in to avoid duplications and attempt to update any data you've already uploaded to ensure consistency

Google Business Profile Audit & Optimisation

Your Google Business Profile is essential for getting good search results on Google maps. Our audit will ensure your profile listing is perfect so that nothing can restrict your local search listings.

Monthly Website Backup

To ensure all the hard work we are doing on your site is safe, we will take a monthly backup of your website. This backup is generated automatically and stored securely in the cloud to give you the peace of mind that your site is safe from hackers or anything else that might happen to your online home.

Private SEO Project Dashboard

One of our core company values is honest and we want you to be able to monitor our work. You will be give a private portal which will contain automatically generated and up to date reports on your search ranking performance both locally on Google maps and on the keywords that matter to your business.

Premium website plugins installed and licensed for SEO, Monitoring & Security

We will install a range of premium plugins to your WordPress site that will make it easier for you to maintain your SEO project into the future. We will also add out site monitoring software so that we can be sure your website is always updated so that no plugins create security risks. We also add premium security tools to keep your site secure and safe from hackers no matter how they might attack your site.

Monthly website, search ranking & Google Maps performance Reports

As well as your private report portal we will send you a monthly report on your sites rankings and the progress of the project in general. This will also contain a breakdown of all the work we completed as part of the campaign.

Quarterly meeting to review performance reports and progress

Although we are happy to discuss the project with you at any time. We will book in a formal face to face (or Zoom/Teams) meeting where we will review the campaign in detail to ensure everything is on track and that you are satisfied that you are getting everything you paid for.


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