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Digital Magic Solutions were founded to solve the biggest digital headaches for business owners. We specialise in innovative and affordable solutions, but we don’t want to blind you with science! We always communicate our solutions in language our customers can understand removing the mystery from the online world!

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Website Magic

Follow our 5 step process to a perfect new website that's developed in collaboration to ensure you're always 100% happy with the result. We specialise in Word Press sites that are user friendly, and secure. Everything from E-commerce to Blog, we're happy to bring your ideas into reality.


Traffic Magic

A beautiful website without traffic is a very sad thing indeed. We specialise in driving more of the right sort of traffic to your website using either organic, or paid strategies (or a combination of both). So that you can get more leads, customers and sales.

viral marketing

Lead Magic

We'll design systems that generate an endless supply of leads for your company on auto pilot. Allowing you to focus on delivering your true value to your customers. We'll also show you how you can nurture these leads and turn them in to raving fans and willing buyers using automated software that can be setup and left to work for you in the background.


Process Magic

Every organisation needs processes and systems to support their operation. There is so much powerful software on the market that can take a lot of the heavy lifting out of running a business.
As an entrepreneur its hard to let go of elements of your business to employees or outsourced processes, but we can install softare that will ensure that your high standards are always maintened. Giving you visibility and a

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