Leverage automations in your business to win back time

In 2023 all business owners should be looking to leverage automation and A.I. to win back time in their businesses.
Whether you run a small business with a team or you’re a solopreneur you’ll know that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. And when it comes to Customer relationship management it’s almost impossible to never drop the ball with something. There are so many small but important tasks that need to be done every day and even if you have a VA to help you, they are still a massive time sink!
Forgetting to contact leads or failing to reply to customer messages or requests on Facebook or Google My Business damages your reputation and will likely cost you business in both the short and long term. Staying on top of these small but important tasks soon adds up to a massive part of your day even if each action is minor and only really takes a few minutes to complete.
Fortunately, there is CRM and marketing software available to help you automate most of these important small tasks so that you can be confident that you’ll never ‘drop the ball’ again. Here are some examples of how good CRM and Marketing software can help to leverage your time by using automation for loads of those small time-consuming tasks.

Automatic Chat Bots

Why respond to every message from the website yourself!? You can upload an FAQ and explain everything about your products and services perfectly online but customers will still want to ask questions to a ‘real person’!
With the evolution of AI and computer learning you can program chat bots to know the answers to all your frequently asked questions as well as be able to direct consumers to useful web pages, or even provide phone numbers they can call after some filtering questions.
Not only will a chat bot improve your customer service with instant, useful responses, but it stops you from having to answer every small question yourself.

Missed call text back

A recent study by GE Capitol found that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying. Once they’ve found a company they like they will try to call or email the numbers displayed in Google my Business or a contact page of the website.
If that call goes unanswered, that potential customer will be calling the next number on their ‘potential supplier’ list until they’ve found someone to talk to and serve them right away. We live in a world where instant gratification has become the norm, once a potential client has made a decision to buy they will want to be served almost instantly.
Modern systems can be configured to instantly text back a missed caller telling them that their call is valuable and that you’ll call them back asap whilst directing them to additional information.

Customer birthday emails

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday! Messaging your existing or potential clients on their birthday is a great way to show them that you care about them. Providing them with a special discount or meaningful promotion just for them on their birthday can be a really clever way of getting a new sale. Why not automate your customer birthday emails so you don’t have to remember everyone, this will build stronger relationships with your clients and increase brand awareness because happy clients are bound to talk about receiving amazing birthday offers!

Automatically respond to Facebook group page & Google my Business messages

Like the missed call text back and the chat bot, potential customers are expecting an instant response online when they try to contact your company. Autoresponders save time by automating responses to frequently asked questions on their Facebook group and Google My Business page. This allows you to spend less time answering the same questions repeatedly, and more time focusing on other important tasks.
Additionally, autoresponders can also provide quick and accurate responses to customers, which can improve customer satisfaction and increase trust in the brand. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that receive a large volume of inquiries, as it can help them stay organized and respond to all customer queries in a timely manner.
Overall, using an autoresponder can help your clients save time, improve customer satisfaction, and increase their overall efficiency.

Appointment reminders & Rescheduling

Automating appointment reminders and rescheduling is important for small businesses as it reduces no-shows and last-minute cancellations, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. It also improves scheduling efficiency by allowing easy rescheduling without direct contact. Overall, automating appointment reminders and rescheduling can help small businesses to save time and money, while also providing a better experience for their customers.

Review requests

Automating your review request process can bring several benefits, one of the most important is the increased efficiency it provides. By eliminating the need for manual steps such as sending emails or making phone calls, you can save a significant amount of time and increase overall efficiency.
Additionally, an automated process ensures that all customers receive the same request for a review in the same format and time frame, which helps to maintain consistency in the business’s online reputation. This increased consistency can also help to increase the response rate, as automated review requests can be sent immediately after a customer’s interaction with the business.

Lead contact reminders

Having a CRM system tell you automatically when you’ve forgotten to contact a lead can be an amazing benefit. It’s so easy to forget to follow up with leads if they don’t buy initially or ‘need more time’ to consider their options.
A system that creates a task list for you each day detailing which leads have had no recent interaction will dramatically improve the quality of your sales pipeline management.
This sort of diligence is often noticed by potential clients, they will realise that you keep your word and get back to clients when you said you would, this strengthens relationships and shows that you are a professional who they should want to do business with.

Following up with leads who download a lead magnet

Your CRM system should be nurturing leads for you on autopilot. After a prospect has downloaded a lead magnet or attended a webinar with you, you should be able to relax safe in the knowledge that your CRM system is nurturing that prospect and making it more likely that they will buy from you in the end.


Hopefully, you can see the benefit of leveraging automation in your business to free up time and brain space. Having better use of your time will allow you to grow your business more effectively whilst also serving your customer at a higher level.
If you don’t have a CRM system that can do these things for you, or the thought of trying to configure these sorts of automations gives you cold shivers, or an urge to throw your laptop out of the window Id love to help you.
My Magic MRM software is a market leading CRM and Marketing platform that does all the automation listed above and so much more. I’d love to have the time to demonstrate how I can save you time and grow your business with quality business software that I’ll install, manage and develop with you so you never have to get stressed about technology again!
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