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Solving your business’s biggest digital headaches is our passion. We love information technology and we want to show you how it can be utilised to empower your business to succeed in an increasingly online marketplace

Know The Industry

21+ Years Of Experience In Information Technology

“We Don't Just Build Websites, We Build Websites That Sell"

Understand Your market

We’re experts in all things digital technology, but we don’t want to sell you an off the shelf solution. We will take the time to get to know your business and marketplace so that we can provide the exact solution to fix your businesses biggest issues.

Get Businesses Ready For Life Online

Every business needs to have a digital footprint. The world changed in 2020, and businesses had to adapt fast to the new normality of conducting 100% of their business online. Although the world is slowly returning to 

Online Business Transformation

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Get to know us

Meet The Owner

We want to be your ‘go to guys’ when it comes to digital problem solving, so we think you should know a bit about us! 

Ian Jeffs

Managing Director

Ian Jeffs has worked in IT for over 21 years, so he has a wealth of experience in providing and maintaining  IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

His IT journey started providing technical support over the phone for Windows 95, and has since worked as a Web Master, IT Manager, Project Manager, Web Designer and Digital Marketer for various firms. 

Ian is a self proclaimed ‘Geek’ and loves digital technology. He loves deploying innovative solutions to solve companies biggest digital headaches. 

Ian migrated with his family in 2021 to the south of Spain so that his son could grow up with his Spanish family.

What we believe

Our Company Values

Our values are our foundation, and they underpin everything we do at Digital Magic Solutions. 


We keep no secrets from our customers, and we tell no lies. The truth is always the way with us, sometimes it sucks but we believe its always better to be truthful with out clients


We will always put the customer first. We aim to always serve our customers at the highest level possible, and to the best of our abilities.


We believe in only providing tried and tested solutions. We provide solutions we know and trust. We aim to learn about our customers so we can serve them better.


We will always aim to build long term relationships with our customers. We are not here to make quick money before moving onto the next customer. We want to build strong mutually beneficial partnerships.


We believe in continuous improvement. We are always learning, adapting and evolving. We are life long students and will continue to research and learn about our area of expertise.

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